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sewer smell in basement only

I have a sewer smell coming from just a section of pipe in my basement. It's not pvc piping. The pipe leads up to the second floor bathroom. I've tried baking soda with vinegar and bleach. I noticed the bleach smell directly after pouring it down the drains in the second floor bathroom. The shower doesn't get used so I ran the water for a while, but that didn't work. I'm definately confused as to what I can do next before calling a plumber. Could it be that gas is getting out from where the pipes join? Would patching these help (and what would I use)?

thank you for your help

Paul the plumber
Re: sewer smell in basement only

It sounds like you need a section of pipe replaced ,If its cast piping more likely that there is lead jointing and you would be better of calling a plumber. so many people take these jobs on and it ends up costing more to repair the damage

Re: sewer smell in basement only

Any chance that you are being misled as to where the odor is actually originating?

Are you sure the odor isn't coming from a basement floor drain that's gone dry? (water in trap evaporated from non-use)

A lead joint gone bad is defintely a possibility as is a seam in a cast pipe that has split open from "old age". Have seen this numerous times. You might want to look /feel along the top of any and all horizontal runs of pipe also because if the seam is turned up, a crack there will go unnoticed, but it's odor won't. ;)

Re: sewer smell in basement only

I wish I did have a floor drain, then that would be a better possibility. I have a strong feeling that I will have to call in a plumber. Thank you for your help.

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