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sewer smell

My partner found a great washing machine on Craig's list. It's an old Maytag GA188s, but the machine was working great and the laundry coming out clean most of the time. The problem is there has been a sewer smell every once in a while in the basement. I already cleaned the filter and ran an empty load on hot with Clorox several times to no avail. Sears couldn't find anything wrong and blamed the drain, stating there was a backup. The plumber came, fixed a little leak, ran a snake down the drain and said there was no backup at all... Now the smell comes up more often and the laundry is starting to stink (someone even made a comment to me in the elevator yesterday!) What should I do? Call back Sears, the plumber or get a new machine?? Help please! Thanks!

Re: sewer smell

The washing machine will have nothing to do with sewer gasses.

Re: sewer smell

sound like there is something going on with the drain line, maybe the underground was done wrong or something. is there a trap

Re: sewer smell

Glad to hear! I knew the machine was a great deal! I'll put a call into the plumber. Thanks so much!

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