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Sewer pipe leak under house

I had a major sewer leak under my house. My house is on piers. The debride has been suctioned out and the leak repaired. In talking with other people in my area, I have been told that I should spread lime under the house in the contaminated areas.
Is this the best way to handle the contaminated and odorous saturated soil? Or better options available? Thank you for your thoughts!

Re: Sewer pipe leak under house

Lime is what I would use.

Re: Sewer pipe leak under house

1. What does the lime do? Does it kill the bacteria, kill the odor or just make a mess and cover up the contaminated dirt?
2. What type of lime? Pellets or hydroxylated? I am unsure what the differences are but the local hardware store has both.
3. When I remodeled this 50 year old house 5 years ago, plastic sheeting was placed under the house but on top of the ground. The sewerage leak contaminated under the plastic.
4. Should I pull out the plastic, apply the lime, allow the ground to dry for a few weeks, then reapply the plastic?
5. How much lime should be applied to be effective? A light powder coating, 1/8 inch, etc.
6. Should I mix the lime into the soil with a rake or just lay the lime on top of the soil?
What a mess!
Thank you for you time and advice,

Re: Sewer pipe leak under house


Did you ever find out what to do about the sewage-contaminated soil under your house. We are dealing with the same thing now. How house is over 125 years old with dirt-floored crawl spaces. The upstairs bathroom sewage pipe cracked and spilled sewage into the dirt. We have no idea how long it's been going on. The pipe will be replaced this week. I would like to figure out a way to treat the soil. I think if we try to remove it, it might affect the stability of the house. Does anyone else have any ideas what to do?

Thank you for your help!

Re: Sewer pipe leak under house

I had to replace the cast iron sewer under my house also. I have no idea as to how I should treat the soil either. So far, I have poured a water bleach solution (1/2 cup of bleach per gal.) over the area. If you have any other ideas, I'm interested.

Re: Sewer pipe leak under house

go to your local feed and grain store or even tractor supply company and get HYDRATED LIME or a product called SWEET PDZ. both will do the job its just a matter of how fast you want results

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