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Sewer gas smell, back up and bubbling drains in whole house


I searched the forums for anyone else having the same problems as me at the same time, and I didn't see anything that exactly fit my situation. So I am starting this thread in hopes that someone may be able to help.

I have a 100 year old house that was renovated in or around 2005-2006. The plumbing was all redone and a porch was remodeled into a master bathroom. This bathroom has one jacuzzi tub that does not work, two sinks side by side in a Jack and Jill style with studor vents, one toilet and one separate walk in shower. The rest of the house includes a guest bath, dishwasher, washing machine, and kitchen sink.

The first time I did laundry the toilets bubbled and gurgled, but there was no water backup into the tubs or shower. I had a plumber snake out the master drain and clear all the roots that had grown into the one piece of terra cotta pipe that is left in my system- between my meter and the street. It got better.

The first sink in the master bathroom has never drained quite well, but after I plunged a lot of the previous owners hair out (yuck) it worked better. However, from time to time I still get a whiff of sewer gas, so I was thinking it might need a new studor vent on that sink. So this was life as usual for a while, I haven't replaced that studor valve but I was about to when all heck broke loose.

I had company over the weekend and the second night they were there, when we flushed the toilet in the guest bathroom, everything in both bathrooms began to bubble and overflow. Someone was in the shower at this time too and I made them cut it short because the shower drain was overflowing and not draining out. I plunged everything to no avail. We had to be very careful with toilet usage and try not to use much water. I didn't want to pay emergency night/ weekend plumber prices, so broke me decided to wait until the next day to call.

Well the next morning, everything had drained and was fine, and I saw some utility workers down in a manhole outside so I thought AH! It might not be my problem, they might be fixing/testing something so great! All will be well. Then I came home and after normal daily usage (rinsing dishes, three or so toilet flushes) here we are backed up again. And to top it off, the master bathroom (especially that one sink) smells SO MUCH more than ever like sewer gas. The one sink starts bubbling up with water if any other water is being used anywhere in the house. I had to stop using water, open the windows, and planned to call the plumber the next morning if I had to (because again it was around 11pm).

So here I am today, I have a call in to the utility company, but I don't see that helping much unless it really is a problem on city property. This morning when I woke up the water was completely normal again, toilets flushing, no sewer gas. I am wondering why the backup and extreme gas smell would come on so suddenly. I find it hard to believe that a faulty studor vent could cause all of this. It seems very likely it is a blockage- but if the blockage is in the guest bathroom, why would the gas smell only be in the master? Also, no one claims to have flushed anything to cause a blockage, but you never know with guests...

Please let me know if anyone can help me with this issue, I would love to solve it without dropping hundreds for a roto rooter dude to come out. Maybe I have to check the roof vent? Or do some more extreme plunging? Feel free to ask questions in case I've left anything out that might be helpful.

Thank you so much!

Re: Sewer gas smell, back up and bubbling drains in whole house

Read the posting by coda24, just two posts earlier than yours.

Re: Sewer gas smell, back up and bubbling drains in whole house
dj1 wrote:

Read the posting by coda24, just two posts earlier than yours.

I don't think that these are the same situation- would the city jetting the pipes cause slow drainage and bubbling at 11pm? I don't have anything spraying into my house while they are working, it more so builds up into the night and then backs up and vents sewer gas. Thank you for your reply, but I think I have something else going on here.

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