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sewer back up or broken

I have run in to a problem with my sewer backing up. It is happening about 2 time a year for the last 3 or 4 time i have been able to is a scotchcorp cemical to get clean up the back up this time i have used 2 gallons of the stuff and it is not clean up the problem. I have been read ****** at other sites about how long they should last and we are over 60 years base on the age of my home. I would like to see if any one has replaced the main house sewer and how much they pay? or if any one has any idea on what i can do to get it the water running?

Re: sewer back up or broken


Since we have no idea where your house is, or the length of pipe, we can only guess on replacement costs.

From your description, my guess would be a partial clog, mis aligned pipe, or partial breakage. In any event, a video camera would really help to pinpoint the problem and perhaps save from digging the entire line.

Unless the old line is so old it needs replacement anyway. But we can't see that from here either.

You may fare best over at the Terry Love Plumbing Forum. Tell them we sent you.

Re: sewer back up or broken

we are in niagara falls new york. we are about 150 ft from the main sewer in the road. around the back of the house.

Re: sewer back up or broken

There are many different types of older sewer pipes in use, so a video inspection is a good idea. If you encounter a major root intrusion I'd recommend that you replace the entire line with PVC. If there's a breakage in one spot and the cause can be remedied then a repair may be all you'll ever need.

Costs will vary with location; use a licensed plumber who will know what permits are needed, and get at least 3 estimates on any work envisioned. Chemical drain cleaners can work, but should never be needed in a properly designed drain system so when you find you need them regularly, it is a sign that something is wrong which needs to be dealt with. And don't use chemicals with a septic system as they may interfere with the microbes in the tank which are doing the work.


Re: sewer back up or broken

thank everyone for you input. right now we had it clean out and in the spring time i plan on get prices form local plumber, on replacing the main sewer line.

Re: sewer back up or broken

Good plan. Replacement of such a line is inevitable. The faster you do it, the faster you say byebye to your sewer problems.

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