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Sewage Smell

We bought this 1924 house in Chicago, Illinois, that was a Sears Catalogue. The previous owner did a lot of rehabbing: Adding two bathrooms and a whole floor. Because of flooding and backing up issues, we put in a tile systme with a sump pumb and also an overhead sewer, we also replaced both Heaters and A/C. Here is the problem: From time to time we get this very strong sewege smell that permeates the north side of the house. We asked three plummbers to come and try to find out why this happens:
1. A plummber looked at the vents with a camera and insisted that it was the two upstairs bathrooms not being properly vented that they were wet vented, but that is inconsistent with when we smell the sewage.
2. Others have suggested that it could be lack of water in the pipes but we have watered all of them.
3. Some have suggested a crack in the venting pipe, but why then do not smell it all the time:

Some history about the smell:

It starts in one area of the basement and then rises through my mother in law's closet and up to the master bathroom and the kid's bathroom upstairs. It used to come consistently at 5:30 in the morning and it would go away around 8:00 a.m. But then it went permanently away for 4 days (our use of the bathrooms, our use of the HVAC was still the same) During a rain storm we would seldom smell it. Now it comes in the morning and evening but through out the day it is gone.

Please help! We are very flustered and the smell is very noxious especially for the kids and there has not been any consistent answers from any of the many plummbers.

K. Keshk and S. Long
Chicago, Illinois

Re: Sewage Smell

I can understand why your plumber would see about pipes being dry. But I first have a few questions:

1) are you on septic or sewer?

2) how exactly does the hot air furnace tie in again?

3) do you have a weeping willow in the front, back or side yards? a history of disgustingly vigorous sewage floods?

Hope I can help, I just need some answers. thanks!:)

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