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I live in a house from the 1920's First time home owner and have lived here about a year. Noticed the floors are raised and doors are hard closing right around the chimney. Looks like the house settled over the years but the chimney did not and the house was maybe attached to the chimney? I was wondering if there was any way of fixing this issue. Thank you.

Oh yeah the chimney is centered in the middle of my house so if you could picture the floor rising all around it probably about a half and inch to an inch.

Timothy Miller
Re: Settling

Hi are you sure the chimney is not frost heaving instead?

Re: Settling

I am not sure exactly what that means. I am assuming you are meaning the chimney is rising rather then the house settling? Not sure. I just know the floor around the chimney is higher then the rest of the floor. I was wondering if maybe they nailed into the chimney and if so can I just cut the nails and it will settle back down? Sorry I can do some work but not a carpenter =) :)

Re: Settling

You are not likely to have a frost heaved chimney in the center of the house. This problem is not that uncommon with center built chimneys. They were built on an adequate base. The house usually is not attached to the chimneys but are held in place by friction against the chimney. Because the chimney goes all the way up through and will affect all floors and the roof it is generally easier to jack and level the outside walls than try to release the binds on the chimney.

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