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Seriously Overgrow Redtips

I have a row of red tips that is serionsly overgrown, they wer topped by a landscaper several years ago and that has made them seriously topheavy. I need help on how and when to trim them back to a normal bush. I have talked with several landscappers and they all have a different idea how to fix them, from topping them again, to cutting off the back and then the front when the back comes back, to just cutting them back to about four feet. They provide a screen for my garbage cans and an old potting shed, so I can't loose the screen effect without my wife divorcing me. Please help.

A. Spruce
Re: Seriously Overgrow Redtips
A. Spruce

According to a couple quick Google searches, they can be pruned as you would any oleander. About every other year or so I severely prune my oleanders to maintain their shape and size. In between severe prunings they get topical shaping with hedge trimmers. If you want to maintain the screen, then do as suggested and prune the height and one side now, then prune the other side this fall/winter. Come spring of next year you should have a bushier, fuller, plant.


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