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"sequence of events" for proper lawn care

With Fall fast approaching in NE, trying to get a handle on the best times to do the following lawn care "chores". Is Fall the best time to aerate/plug the lawn? Then "over seed"? Then fertilize? Or spread out some compost? There is also a lot of thatch.

Was successful killing off nutsedge with "Sedge Hammer", so there are a number of dead spots. But I wonder if plugs are pulled up,
the nutsedge will reroot elsewhere. :confused:

Re: "sequence of events" for proper lawn care

Fall is a very good time to aerate the lawn.
Also applying a fertilizer or compost after aeration will provide the nutrients for the grass roots over the winter.

As for seeding I don't do this until the next spring after dethatching the lawn.

Hope this helps. :)

A. Spruce
Re: "sequence of events" for proper lawn care

Generally I agree with Canuk, though with reseeding there are two theories of thought. One is to do it first thing in the spring, however that can often mean a delay in germination because you've not gone out and spread the seed. However, if you were to spread the seed in the late fall, after dethatching and aeration, the seed will lie dormant until it's warm enough to sprout, which is likely far earlier than if you were to seed in the spring. Also, keep in mind that if you're using weed and feed fertilizers that those types of fertilizers are designed to halt germination, so don't use them for several months before and after seeding.

Re: "sequence of events" for proper lawn care

I've had good luck seeding in the early fall, early to mid September or late August in Maryland. Still plenty of heat for germination & the rain is usually starting up again after the summer drought. This minimizes the supplemental watering needed to get it established. It can spend the rest of the fall until hard freezing growing roots and the same in the early spring.
With a good fertilizer when planted it gets a good start growing roots to get it through the next summer. It also allows crabgrass & weed control the next spring.

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