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Septic to Sewer Hookup


This may be an odd question, but who do I call to get an estimate on hooking up our Septic System into the Sewer line? I've called a plumber, a contractor, and a name given to me by the Septic company, yet no one calls back. I even called our country Department of Public Works, but they were not very helpful. We seem to the the last house in this area of Northern New Jersey that still has a Septic tank, so I usually get a "whaaaat?" if I actually get someone on the phone.

My assumption is that I'm not calling the right people, but I honestly do not know where to begin.

Thanks for your help

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup

First you should need a permit from the Public works dept for a sewer tap. They should have a list of qualified companies, usually plumbing contractors, to do the job. If you get no where with the Public Works Dept. call your county commissioner and ask why. If he or she doesn't get you the answer call again, if still no answer write a letter to the editor of the local paper or if your local station has a problem solver contact them. Politicians do not like negative publicity things.

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup

Thank you Jack.... I'll give them a call

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup


I am on the sewer board here in nepa. The sewer authority that you are hooking into must provide you a list of qualified contractors who do this work. you will need a permit to hook into the system for billing purposes. this work will also need to be inspected and certified as compliant with the sewer regulation. Are you gravity fed or using a grinder pump? our
authority provided 100 feet onto the property then the customer had his own contractor hook up the remainder of the lines. we the inspected and certified the hookup. make sure you have a vent pine and check valve installed also.

wet mike

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup

Around my area, when the county extends the sewer they make you hook up within a reasonable time. They even offer low cost loans paid with your sewer bill. As mentioned previously the DPW should be able to give names of approved contractors.

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup


Thanks for all the great info. I finally found a plumber to come out and take a look at our system. Here is the rub:

When the city put in the sewer line, they did not extend one down to our street. We live on the corner of two dead-end streets, with woods to our back and side.

The neighbors are connected to the Sewer lines that run on the streets parallel to ours. Our neighborhood looks like a comb, with a main street going North/Sount, and a multitude of dead-end side-streets. Due to the lack of proper slope, the homes to connect via a pump to these "remote" sewer lines.

One of our neighbors seems to have an issue with sewage backing into his house, and now I can see why.

So... long story short. Cost to tap-into the sewer line will be quite high, since it involves a lot of work. I personally find it a bit frustrating that the town did not provide a sewer line down to our street, leaving our house w/ no direct way to connect.

Anyway, thanks again for all the info.

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup


You better check the sewer regs for your state. Here in pa we had to run lines to provide serviceto each house that was within 150 feet of the main line. I dont know where you live but EPA people are involved in issuing regs to the state of PA regarding sewer installations. I hope you people have central water system and not wells. The only expense you should have is the one running the line from your house to the street. This sounds like a health issue and you should get them involved.

wet mike

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