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Septic tank pump

We bought a house that is 14 years old. It was vacant when we bought it and I peeked at the dosing tank and it was half-full. Since we actually moved it I noticed it was always wet around the cover of the dosing tank, so I pulled the cover and found it full. The full alarm never went off and we never had back-ups. I opened the electrical panel by the tank and found the sensor wires wet and corrode. I cleaned-up the connection and bingo- the alarm started going off in the basement!

In the junction box there was a standard electric plug, but had no power going to it. I found a breaker in the house labeled sewer pump, but it was not tripped. I took an extension cord out and plugged it into the junction box male plug and it tripped the GFCI instantly. So I got smart and plugged it into a non-GFCI outlet and it tripped the breaker instantly.

I plan on having the septic tank and the dosing tank pumped, but I would like to be ready to fix the problem before we fill-up the tank, any ideas?

Re: Septic tank pump

since you already know that the wires in the breaker box were corroded and needed to be re-wired. the same may apply to the pump itself. it may also need to be replaced. "little giant" is a brand i have used in the past, but there are may others as well. If you want to be ready after the tank is sucked out, be ready to replace the pump.

Re: Septic tank pump

Well I emptied the tank and took out the old Zoeller N98 pump and double float switch. No quick disconnect like I had hopped so I just cut the pvc and will use a coupler to reinstall (I was not getting in there.) I ordered an exact replacement for $180 and a new double float for $90 from www.kscdirect.com (the cheapest site by far) The alarm float looked fine.

Now I really respect people that do this every day, especially in other peoples crap. Thanks for your help!


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