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septic sprinklers, groundwater

Last year I bought a 1984 built home on a 2-acre parcel in North Texas. Now, the aerobic septic system tank #3 is overfilling with water running through the septic pipe from the house to the septic system, triggering the sprinklers to run. When the cap is off, I can see the water in a constant flow through the pipe, even when nothing is running in the house. No water running, no toilets flushing, no clothes or diswasher on, etc.
The water bill has not changed at all, and is in line with normal useage.
There has been alot of rain this last few months. With the excessive rain and the septic sprinklers going off every hour for seven minutes at a time my land is waterlogged and creating damage to the decks, etc.
Any ideas as to what to do? Septic techs found nothing wrong with the system and plumbers have found nothing leaking IN the house. Is it possible that a pipe is broken under the slab and groundwater is running IN to it, then out to the septic?
Also, I had a small fence put in this week and was told by the builder that when he dug 3 feet down, he struck water in the ground.
Thanks for any advice.

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