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Septic lift station pump--timer or float switch?

Our septic tank drains into a 90 gallon tank with an effluent pump which lifts the sewage to a higher septic field.

The pumps have used a simple float switch to operate the pump.  We've lost two pumps becuase the float switch either failed or became fouled and allowed the pump to run to destruction.   Given the distance from the house, there's no audible way to tell if the pump's running.

I've installed a new effluent pump and was considering running the pump on, say, a daily  10 minute cycle rather than relying on a float switch.  The tank is large enough that my wife and I could not generate 90 gallons a day if we tried.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach?




Re: Septic lift station pump--timer or float switch?

How are you going to control it? If you use a timmer,what happens when you are away? Woud 10 minutes in an empty tank burn out the pump?



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