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septic back-up into shower

I have a 28 yr. old 2 bath ranch home in Fl.. When I do a load of laundry, during the spin cycle the toilets bubble and now they started to back up into the shower. What is up? How do I fix this?

Re: septic back-up into shower

If you have a septic tank have it inspected. If the pipes are clogged or collapsed in route to the tank you will have back up. You can check the flow by running your tub fully open and open the top cap of the septic tank and checking the flow

Re: septic back-up into shower

In addition to what baumie said, when was the last time it was pumped. 3 to 4 years max is a good schedule, although it depends on the size & use.

Re: septic back-up into shower

thank you for your replies. We had it pumped out in March of this yr. for the first time.

Re: septic back-up into shower

Also washing generates waste water that will have fibers in it from the clothes, and many of these fibers will not break down. This can cause problems and clog field lines. You can install a filter to capture these fibers from washing and or a filter that filters all the waste water depending on your system. From what you have described it sounds like your septic is backing up as a result of a slow drain field. Also it may be your water usage in general. Washing generates a lot of water and a septic system need time to handle that water. If you put to much water in the system it could get backup up processing it. Try limiting you water usage when you wash clothes and only do like one wash cycle a day. Not sure if your running say load after load of clothes or something like that.

Hope this helps.

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