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Send us your questions about using paint colors

The editors at This Old House want to know: What stumps you about choosing colors to paint the interior of your home? We're particularly interested in the questions that relate more to the shape, size, layout and details of a room and less about its decor.

Something you’ve always wondered about how to choose trim color to coordinate with the walls? Don’t know which white works with the type of light you get? Want to know how to use color to make a room feel bigger or smaller?

Ask your question here, and maybe you'll see it answered in the November issue of This Old House magazine.

-From TOH Senior Editor Alex Bandon. She'll be checking the boards regularly for questions!

Re: Send us your questions about using paint colors

We have a 1947 story and a half Cape Cod, which we are currently renovating and doing a 2 story addition. The one untouched bedroom will gat a facelift with a paint job. It currently is painted ceiling and wall in Benjamin and Moore French Parchment - a lovely safe shade of white because of the roof line, which cuts in a deep corner angle into wall area, approx. 4 foot from the floor. I have been told to paint it like wall, making a cutoff at the ceiling. It curves from the ceiling, leaving no 'line' to use as a cutoff point. I have also been told to paint it as part of the ceiling. When I look at that area, I can't imagine either. As a result, we have always used same color walls/ceiling. Now I would like to do a color. Help me!
Frances Mattre
Johnstown Pa

Re: Send us your questions about using paint colors

I am preparing to paint my off white living space. It measures approx 15'x18'. I have ivory leather furniture with two multicolored( warm reds,tans etc) chairs and a predominatley dark red area rug,with oak flooring. I originally thought about painting the room a brick red to make it more homey, but am afraid with the rug and the size of the room it will be too much. I also have a dining room that in separated by an square archway( for lack of a beter term) that I would like to color coordinate. Any suggestions as to go ahead with brick red or choose a lighter color for the living space.

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