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Seeping water in basement

My house was built in 1959, it currently has a sump pump(back left of the basement) installed that has a 2" metal tube running into the pit that constantly has water coming into it. Right now during the spring thaw it runs about every ten minutes and drains about 50 ft away into the side/back yard. I currently have about 3 gallons of water seeping into the basement every 10 hours for the past week. It seems to be coming in little droplets that form into little streams that run down the wall. It only appears to be happening in the front of the house and on the bottom 6 inches of the wall.

The rear of the house was just graded because the septic was redone. The front does not appear to have too significant grading issues and is relatively flat with mulch landscaping about 3-4 feet off the house.

There are gutters along the front and back of the house, but this water seems to be a result of the thaw and not the rain as there has been little rain lately.

Internal french drain?
I have cement angled at the point where the wall and floor meet. The cement angle is only about 3 inches wide, but at one point there is a small 1 inch hole that looks like it was drilled/chipped away and it feels hollow inside the beveled edge. Is this some sort of french drain?

I have two questions:
Is the 2" pipe going into the sump pit a footing level french drain?

Would a french drain installed 2 feet below the surface solve this issue or is this something that will require the ground to be excavated to the bottom of the foundation. Or is another solution a better idea.


Re: Seeping water in basement

Excavation is probably the surest route to go.

Re: Seeping water in basement

I've heard of some type of sealant that paints on the walls that is supposed to work well, even though I have never tried it. Also as whitey points out excavating and having the exterior tarred or whatever they use now a days may be the way to go. Because you say the water is dripping down the walls I don't think a french drain would help as the are used for ground water. I'm sure that someone with more knowledge will be along to give you more and better info, Good Luck :)

Re: Seeping water in basement

I am afraid that would be my only recourse to truly solve this issue. Now that the snow has all melted I am still left with water entering the basement from the bottom 4" of the wall. I did find out that it was in fact a drain running around the edge of the basement. I was able to drill into it at several problem spots and now the water just stays at the edge of the walls. I am thinking that I should just find a way to grind a notch around the edge of the basement to act as a moat for the water and then have it drain into the drain. The big problem would be cutting the drain.

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