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sediment in toilet tank

I saw all the posts about sediment in the tank. The sediment covers the sides of the tank as well. I have three toilets, one on the first floor and two on the second floor. All three tanks have a reddish brown sandy sediment in the bottom of the tank. Is that a job for a water filter or is there something else wrong?
Thanks for your help

Re: sediment in toilet tank

Its fairly normal. Why does this bother you ? Makes no real difference to the toilet.

Re: sediment in toilet tank

That's just stain and sediments. You can clean the tank once a year if it makes a difference for you.

Since you mentioned a water filter...I would put a WHOLE HOUSE filter and change the filter when needed (about 2-3 months) regardless the source of your water.

Re: sediment in toilet tank

There's also the possibility that you have iron-eating bacteria in your water, which results in a rust-colored slime on all surfaces of your plumbing fixtures (and your pipes). The bacteria is likely present in the water supply, as well as living in the slime that's in your pipes and fixtures.

You may be able to filter this out with a 10 micron sediment filter. Bacteria in the water upstream of your filter will convert the dissolved iron into iron slime, which can be removed with the filter. It may take up to a year after installing the filter for slime and sediment to get washed out of your pipes. You may not be able to get rid of all of it (any dissolved elemental iron that passes the filter will just feed existing bacteria in your pipes), but you will get rid of a large percentage of it.

If you are on a private water supply (well or spring), do NOT attempt to disinfect the source water supply. This bacteria is generally considered harmless to humans. If you kill off the bacteria in the well, the dissolved iron will not be converted into slime and cannot be removed by a sediment filter. You will find that your water quality is worse than before disinfection -- even with the filter.

The above is from personal experience on my own water supply. I made the mistake of disinfecting my well. I need to figure out how to reestablish the bacteria colony in my well so I can filter out the iron. Your experience may vary.

(In my system, I use string-wound filter cartridges made of polypropylene yarn and rated for 10 micron filtration. The cartridges are available in a 2-pack for $6.50 to $10; one cartridge lasts about a month in my water. My household has two adults and one baby. We also have two beef cattle and plant a garden, and have flowerbeds. We don't irrigate our lawn.)

Re: sediment in toilet tank

Fence - What about dumping water from a neighbors house into your well right before you leave for a vacation ?

We have a 10 micron whole house filter too. Keeps the dirt and large wee beasties out of the appliances. We still have some rust in the terlits. We change the filter every 6 months but its only for the house water. The filter is after the irrigation tee. Your mileage may vary.

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