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sediment in hot water

We recently had to have one of the elements replaced in our 12 yr old 40 gal hot water tank. Ever since we are getting quite a lot of sediment in only our hot water. I have drained the tank completely and then when it filled, I ran only hot water through all the taps for over 25 min. I thought that would flush the system and the problem would be solved.... not happening!!
The sediment looks sandy with black specks. When I rub the black spots, they leave a rusty streak.
What can I do to fix this. We have city water(Tampa, FL) and the house is as old as the hot water tank. To my knowledge, we do not have mixed pipes...all are plastic.

Re: sediment in hot water

johnj's advice is right--the reason your flushing effort did not work is because the hot water pipes take their water off the top of the tank, but the sediment is on the bottom.

That's why it works better to attach a hose on the bottom drain outlet.

Re: sediment in hot water

Thanks, I will try that. I did drain the tank but the mfg instructions said to turn off the main water supply.

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