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Second Floor too warm!

This fall I added attic insulation up to a R50 (I live in Minnesota - so its cold up here). My windows have been refurbished as well, so they are pretty solid. Now, however, when the thermostat on the first floor is keeping that level at a comfortable 67 degrees, the second floor is quite a bit warmer - as much as ten degrees. What are my options - do I need to put in zones in my hot water system - is that expensive? Should I run the fan on my central air system - even though the sound of the fan takes away the peace and quiet of the boiler system? The heat is going up the open stairway - can I find a location for a ceiling fan that will keep the heat circulating on the first floor instead of going up the stairs? Thanks for any ideas.

Re: Second Floor too warm!

What type of radiation do you have? If it's copper fin baseboard you could try closing the dampers on the 2nd floor baseboard.


Re: Second Floor too warm!

Amazing what happens when the proper amount of insulation is added --- the heat stays in.;)

Re: Second Floor too warm!

I agree; the 2nd floor convectors may also have on/off knobs that can be partially or completely turned off to try & balance the heat.

If all else fails, pink insulation can be stuffed inside the baseboard covers, or a rad cover w/pink insulation can be made for one or two of the cast iron rads.

Re: Second Floor too warm!

My house is a 1920's house -- so the radiators are cast iron. I don't believe they have any way to modulate the radiators - I think it is either on or off.

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