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Second Floor Bathroom Leak

Two weeks ago I moved into a two-story townhouse. This morning I noticed that the ceiling was dripping onto the first floor directly under the second-floor bathtub and that the drywall was peeling back. My 18-year-old daughter does like to take long baths upstairs, but she did not flood the bathroom at any time. I need to call my landlord and report the situation, but was wondering, is there any possible that the damage could be considered our (her) fault?

Re: Second Floor Bathroom Leak

If there was no water on the floor of the bathroom from her splashing around then I would call the landlord.


Re: Second Floor Bathroom Leak

if its not from splashing around the seal in the drain is gone so water is leaking from there. the joint in the drain may be broken as well or was never glued properly

Re: Second Floor Bathroom Leak

My gut feeling is that it's not your (her) fault. Call your landlord right away and send him a dated letter explaining the situation (keep a copy of the letter).

A resposible landlord will take care of the leak without hesitation.

But until it's fixed...ask your daughter to take only quick showers (good luck).

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