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Re: Seasonal Food and Drink

...........Paul Harvey's heart should be taken into consideration here................:eek:

Re: Seasonal Food and Drink

LOL :D :D :D

I think we're getting the gist of the story then. ;)

A. Spruce
Re: Seasonal Food and Drink

Ok, then ... Bringing this discussion back around to topic ...:D:D

Here's the results of my efforts!

The pumpkin ale finished out at 1.011 with abv at approximately 5.5%. It was primed with 1/3 cup dextrose (1.5 gallons of beer ). A tasting of the sample was extremely promising, good flavor and no bitterness. Bitterness was a concern because the sample of fresh wort was distinctly bitter, which was attributed to the Mt. Hood hops, however all of that went away during the fermentation, resulting in a very smooth flavor. If it weren't for having to wait for it to carbonate, this could be drunk right now. The pumpkin flavor was present though very mild. The spices were also present yet very mild. The quantities of pumpkin and spices will be increased in the next batch, possibly even "dry hop" some spices in at the end of fermentation. Overall I think the flavors are well balanced, this is something I'm definitely brewing again soon.

The apple ale finished out the same as the pumpkin at 1.011 and 5.5%. It's interesting that the numbers on these brews were identical all the way through the process, except for the time it took to ferment out. I almost didn't bottle the apple today because it seemed like it still wanted to bubble through the air lock. I figured at the very least I should check the gravity, since it was at 1.011 decided that it was ready. This one got 2/3 cup dextrose for priming (2 gallons beer ). A taste of the sample was also extremely promising. It wasn't as smooth as the pumpkin, though should mellow out nicely as it matures in the bottle. This one had just a hint of appleness to it. I think that increasing the quantity of cider will help and I can definitely see where adding some spices somewhere along the way would result in a nice Christmas or seasonal ale. A note with the apple ale, it has a very skunky odor during fermentation - bad enough you'll want to keep the fermenter outside, or at least somewhere that can be ventilated. The beer itself has little to no aroma, certainly nothing resembling skunk, however the yeast cake did have the smell, though it was more of a rotting apple odor than skunk.

So there you have it folks, two recipes that were conglomerations of several different sources and methods and both turned out quite nicely. I can't wait for them to carbonate so that they can be enjoyed properly.

A. Spruce
Re: Seasonal Food and Drink

Got to try the ales today. The pumpkin is very nice. Mild aroma with noticeable pumpkin tones. Flavor is equally pleasant, good mild pale ale base, with noticeable pumpkin flavor and not really much for spice notes. Still tasting and determining if more pumpkin or spice will be necessary.

The way it is at this moment, the flavors are there and that is more than enough for a nice enjoyable beer. As a drinkable brew, I'm liking it. I'm very pleased with the results. I am contemplating this as if it were more of a desert beer, making it sweeter with very bold pumpkin/spice notes, and I think that as a desert beer a much bolder statement would be necessary and appreciated and could easily be achieved.

The apple thus far is disappointing. It has a sweet bitterness to it that comes in as an after bite/taste. Kind of a fermented apple flavor instead of just an apple essence. I'm going to let it mature for a few more weeks before trying it again to see what happens. With any luck it will mellow out with age.


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