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searching for vintage gas valve

Hi guys......

Does anyone have a gas valve like this one lying around that they no longer need? This came out of a vintage wall heater.

Re: searching for vintage gas valve


While I understand that you want to use a vintage gas valve for its looks, It's always much better and safer to use a brand new valve.
The local Gas Company in my city discourages customers from using old, worn out gas valve. Inspectors do too.

How's your renovation going?

Re: searching for vintage gas valve

Ha ha ha....this time it is not for its looks, but its function. I just bought a brand new valve for $30. It will have to be modified in order to work and it is going to work backwards, which is going to bother me to no end. The ONLY reason I am not using the one in the photo above is because I accidentally broke it, so I can't use it.

Renovation is going slow as ever!:o

Re: searching for vintage gas valve

Sophie, one of the most valuable assets a DIY'er in an old house can have is a relationship with locals in the various trades. Check around with the folks in the old-house HVAC business locally and I'll bet one of then will have what you need on hand. Get that one's business card since you might need them again, and put them on your Christmas card mailing list. Rumor has it that doing that can sometimes net you discount prices, but at worst they will remember you and be glad to help you again in the future!


Re: searching for vintage gas valve

Thanks for the tip. However, I'm not sure there are any folks around here specifically devoted to old-house services like that. :(

Re: searching for vintage gas valve

Have you tried a plumbing supply store? They should have more of a selection than a big box store.

Re: searching for vintage gas valve

it is called a lubricated plug valve in my neck of the woods. I would not use one as they can leak after being opened and closed several times with out being tightened up.

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