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sealing product for studs

My aunt is moving into an old house. The utility room had been used as a kennel for some male dogs. The room smells like urine

The floor is concrete so we're going to seal that to eliminate the smell there.

The walls are also damaged which requires the sheet rock be replaced.

My question:

Is there a product we can use to seal the smell in the studs?

I can't sell her on using primer. Gotta find a better product in her words.

A. Spruce
Re: sealing product for studs

Deb!!!! Long time no see. Whatcha been up to?

YES! YES! YES! For God's sake YES!

First, tell Auntie to get over her fear of primer, she's gonna need some in this case. Before priming, there are two products that do a decent job of urine odor removal, my preference is Natures Miracle, the second is Urine Off. Both use enzymatic action to neutralize the urine. I'd saturate the studs AND the floor with whichever product you choose. Let all dry thoroughly, then coat the studs AND the concrete floor with pigmented shellac (Zinnser red label primer ).

Be thankful that it's dog urine and not cat. You want to talk about some nasty odor, fricken felines are at the top of the nasty scale. I had to rehab a "cat" house. As the story goes, the previous owner had upwards of 40 cats and no litter box. The stench in the house was so bad you literally could not breathe, even with a vapor mask it was tough going. We pressure washed the concrete floor, bleached it, applied Natures Miracle, sealed floor, walls, and ceiling with pigmented shellac, and it still stunk. The odor really didn't abate until the new vinyl was laid in the kitchen and bath and then before the carpet went down we sprinkled a heavy dose of baking soda. After ALL of that, the odor was reduced to a mild "musty" smell. We also washed and painted the exterior and washed down all the surrounding concrete, which helped the entire property not stink like vile,dirty, rotten cats!

Re: sealing product for studs

Awesome Spruce, thank you.

I haven't been up to much. Started plans for a new addition then my aunt decided she wanted her own house instead. Luckily some other family member had a rent house and she's going there next month.

I lost a dog to cancer, a Great Aunt to old age and another little dog to a choking hazard so I kinda feel like my life sucks right now. On the other hand, I have a grand baby on the way and I have been knitting faster than I ever thought possible. The knitting is keeping me from being here though. I'll get back in the swing of things soon.

A. Spruce
Re: sealing product for studs

You're welcome. When you seal everything with the pigmented shellac, you'll also probably want to include the ceiling, that way you'll be sure to trap any odors from animals and previous tenants. If the odor is very strong, don't be afraid to use two coats of primer. Just like top coat, two coats of primer will provide a better seal and a more even coverage.

My condolences on the loss of your pets and aunt. Congratulations on the new grand baby and lightning knitting needles!

Hurry back, you know you can't leave us boys unattended. Someone is liable to get themselves into trouble.

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