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Sealing and restoring rock floor

I have closed in a 12’ X 16’ patio that has a 40 year old floor made up of large pieces of TN. Flagstone set in concrete. The floor is still in pretty good shape, with only one very narrow crack coursing through the rock pattern. Edges of the rock , in random areas , extend as much as 1/8” above the concrete joints. The floor currently has a fall of aprox. 1 ¼ “’s over 12’, sloping away from the house foundation , so any attempt at leveling with a clear coat material would probably be excessively expensive. What I want to do is improve the flatness of the floor with a clear coat that would also provide a durable glossy seal over the top of the rock . Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this, and what type of resin to use. I have considered the necessity to do it in multiple coats, working aprox. a 9 square ft. area at a time for the first coat, and following through with a complete covering on the final coat. Again, I am not necessarily trying to get it totally flat, but a significant improvement would be acceptable. I also believe that trying to achieve too heavy a pour on the first coat would result in the coating material attempting to self level, and thus flow excessively down hill. I have investigated one and two part epoxies, polyurethane, molding plastic, etc. etc. Just not sure about anything. Please help !!

Thanks in advance ,


Re: Sealing and restoring rock floor

I would not recommend a high build epoxy to try building up the grout lines. The epoxy will eventually get damaged "Not being high impact resistant" being on a floor and it could start peeling, which could be a real problem.

What I would recommend, is to apply a latex adhesive on the grout "concrete" and use grout to build it up "read instruction carefully". Then you can use any type of clear finish for concrete floors, acrylic, xylene, or epoxy to give it the nice shiny look.

One more thing, if the floor has previously been sealed, you might not want to use a xylene coating, because it could destroy the previous layer "If it was acrylic" and cause more trouble.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Steve Bolduc LA ;)

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