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Re: Sealing Against Stains On Toilet Bowl

If you want to re-glaze the toilet bowl yourself, you can find a kit in stores or on line.

But there is a better solution: replace the bowl. Dollar for dollar, replacing is better than messing with refinishing, and it's about the same price, if you do it yourself.

Re: Sealing Against Stains On Toilet Bowl

Thanks. I'll give it a think. It seems pretty wasteful to replace the thing just for some stains. We're becoming a bit more concerned about trash and landfills and all that.

Re: Sealing Against Stains On Toilet Bowl

Just wanted to add:
1. The razor blade thing really works... at least for part of the problem. There are some stains that are on the surface and for some reason, the blade breaks the bond without scratching.

The really bad ones are clearly -in- the glazing, chemically.

I did check out the whole house filter @ Lowes and the guy there... who actually seemed to know a thing or two... made 2 points:
1. You can get away with an inexpensive filter housing, what -matters- is getting the right insert. Apparently they make all kinds, each optimised for different 'thingees'.

2. He stressed using valves on either side and having a -real- plumber do the work because it's the one connection you can't afford to have -any- leaks. I had thought to use those no-solder valves, but he felt like it wasn't the kind of thing to go cheap on.

Your thoughts?



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