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Sealing Acrylic paint on cabinets

Hi all,

I have recently refinished my kitchen cabinets. My final coat of acrylic paint is on and I'm wondering if I should seal it to make it more durable. Okay, I should have use an oil base, hind sight is . . . so, what should I use to seal the acrylic to help it standup to the inevitable kitchen generated grease, moisture, etc??

Thanks in advance,
WA. State

Re: Sealing Acrylic paint on cabinets


Assumiong you used a high quality acrylic paint of a satin or semi-gloss sheen, no futher protection is neccessary. Acrylics are quite durable and washablein themselves. The one advantage acrylic has over a traditional oil is that it does not yellow with age. Acrylics' biggest disadvantage is that it does not get hard like oil. It retains somewhat of a "gummy" quality which is a nuisance if used on shelving where heavy items are set. It is also bothersome if the doors make contact with the painted frame when closed. The doors will tend to stick. I suggest you replace the little bumper pads to keep them slightly separated when closed.

Re: Sealing Acrylic paint on cabinets

Thanks for the info. I did use a Satin and it was Sears DutchBoy brand. I discovered the "soft" factor the hard way and we decided to line the back of the doors with the same contact paper that is on the shelves. Thanks again for the advice.

Re: Sealing Acrylic paint on cabinets

On a segment of This Old House, I saw a woman put a coat of water clear polyurethane over acrylic plainted cabinet doors to harden the finish. It might be worth a trial on one door to see how it works, It's more work, but might provide the hard finish you're looking for.

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