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screen door freezing over

I have installed a new front door on my house that has helped out tremendously with not letting any heat out. My question concerns the fact that my screen door is frosting over and frozen. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why. The pre-hung door fit so tight in the originial framing that installation could not be installed between it and the framing studs of the house. Should I look somewhere else for concern?

Re: screen door freezing over

Sounds like the entry door is leaking warm moist air from inside into the space between it and the screen door.
It may be the weather strip around the entry door.
With the door securely closed there should not be any daylight seen around the door.

Re: screen door freezing over

I agree with canuk. It wouldn't have anything to do with no insulation between the door frame and the rough-in otherwise it would be collecting on the door frame itself. Was there not even room that you could put a little bit of minimal expansion foam in there?

Re: screen door freezing over

Another possibility- the storm door is very cold, you open the entry door and warm moist air from inside hits the storm door and condenses, you close the entry door and the condensation freezes.

Re: screen door freezing over

That's true but eventually that would clear itself.

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