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Sorry Spruce, I left all my ladders and scaffolding back in Illinois when I sold my interest in the family business! :)

I was proud of that roof ladder I designed. It had wheels which would allow me to push it up past the ridge of the roof where I would flip it over. A large hook would then grab the back side of the roof, stabilizing it. At 22 feet long, it would reach from the gutter to the ridge of the average roof, allowing me to walk up to the ridge as easily as climbing stairs. It was light enough for me to pull it up to the ridge where I could carry it along the ridge to place in other locations. It was very useful in getting to the sides of gables.

I also had fashioned a platform which would attach to the rungs, allowing me to gain about 4 feet of height above the slope of the roof. This was especially useful in getting the walls above a single storied roof, an otherwise very difficult set.

Such devices not only made difficult areas accessable, but ones productivity increases greatly when one trusts the safety of the equipment. I never hesitated to spend money on such equipment, as it paid off greatly in safety and productivity.

Re: scaffolding rental- home paint project

you can find many of them in major search engines. try searching "scaffold rental in Westchester"


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