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Sawdust as mulch ???

Son has a cabinet shop and therefore quantities of sawdust. Can I use this sawdust as mulch ??

A. Spruce
Re: Sawdust as mulch ???

You can, but keep in mind that a cabinet shop cuts a lot of plywood and melamine that is full of glue, formaldehyde, and other toxic things, so don't mulch food plants. Clean, straight wood shavings can be used anywhere you like.

Re: Sawdust as mulch ???

You should also be aware that some wood such as walnut contain substances that can retard or prevent some plants from growing.


Re: Sawdust as mulch ???

OK, so don't use on garden type plants, and be careful about walnut and similar products. So think I will start out on a bed that I am just beginning along the back fence (which backs up to a horse pasture), has no plants this year and probably next. Should make a good weed suppressor. Thanks for the info.

Re: Sawdust as mulch ???

The objection to uncomposted organic matter as mulch is that it takes nutrients from the soil to break it down before it can release the nutrients back in. It is customary to add both lime and nitrogen into uncomposted organics when using them to much crops and ornamentals.
Which is why composted mulch is preferable; it does not result in soil impoverishment.

Re: Sawdust as mulch ???

My experience with sawdust is that it packs, defeating the purpose and in this area, giving a place for mold growth. I prefer to spread it thin over the yard or toss it in the compost. This approach helps too with the unknown additives that may be in it, letting them break down as well.

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