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joe viola
Sand Paint

Here's my situation...My house was built in the 70's and when they painted the rooms ,they used sand paint. I'm doing renovations and want to finish the ceilings in regular paint . How do I get rid of the sand paint? Now this is NOT to be confused with a popcorn ceiling.
Thanks for your help.

A. Spruce
Re: Sand Paint

If you want a perfectly smooth surface, you will have to float the ceiling smooth with drywall topping compound. If you want a more normal orange peel or knock-down textured finish, simply spray the new texture over the old surface, prime, and paint.

Re: Sand Paint

If scraping with a putty knife produces no particles, simply paint over it as described above.

joe viola
Re: Sand Paint

thanks guys.. I'll try lightweight compound and see what happens !

Re: Sand Paint

Try to float a small area say 3 ' by 3 ' . You may find that it will be difficult to get e smooth finish ;
It may come out with allot of track marks/uneven lines . You can try to sc**** /sand some of the roughness off first . You may have to do multiple coats to get smooth. But if you can live w/o total smoothness then, just finish as others have suggested .
Are you wanting a completely smooth ceiling ? Will some kind of texture be used?

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