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John Yutesler
Salt Free Water Conditioner

Has anyone used or know of someone that has used the salt free water conditioning system. (Pelican Water Technology) It uses nano technology what ever that is I've looked at their website but still not real clear how it works.

Re: Salt Free Water Conditioner

We're in the water business as well. Most likely they are using a media from a company called CWG called Filtersorb. They import the media from Germany where it's been developed and used for some time. It's fairly new to the US though. We sell the same product. The company that manufactures the media is pretty secretive. I can guarantee that it works. We have one on our house in combination with a whole house carbon filter (YOu must put carbon in front of the system because chlorine destroys the media. It's pretty amazing how it descales. You can check our site: elementcleanwater.com and check CWG's site for more info. CWGusa.com.

Let me know if we can be of service to you. We can ship anywhere in the country we'll have to know how hard your water is before we can price you but we'll beat any price out there.
Michael M.

Re: Salt Free Water Conditioner


I'm interested in a salt free conditioning system too. But I fear that they are unknown with most contractors and they wouldn't know how to put one in or that it might be an issue with existing plumbing or wells (geothermal included).

Re: Salt Free Water Conditioner

Almost all modern water softeners can be set up to use salt or postassium based pellets. I have been using the potasium based pellets (Natures Own) for years. It should be noted if a softener is set up for salt the manufacturers recommend you not change to the potassium pellets and if it is set up to use potassium based you should not change to salt. Cost of operation is about the same the potasium pellets cost twice as much but last twice as long.

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