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Is the salesman right in his info?????

We are buying a new microwave and have a cabinet under a small cupboard that we built specifically for the microwave when we built the house. A salesman told us that they had changed microwaves in 2011 and to now put a countertop microwave into a cabinet is a major fire hazard. According to him we must buy a much more expensive built in microwave to put in that cabinet. The cabinet can fit a large sized microwave with 2-3" of space on each side and 4-6" on top. I cannot find anything on the web that verifies this so want to know if this is true or not.

Re: Is the salesman right in his info?????

For the most part, the salesman is correct. However, your microwave is not an exact fit according to your post, that is you have some room around it. Each microwave oven comes with an "owners manual". In that manual, there will be a chart of required clearances. If the clearances on your shelf are greater than the minimum clearances shown in the manual, then it can be used.

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Re: Is the salesman right in his info?????

keith is correct but don't be afraid to call your local building inspector and ask him. certain towns or areas might have unusual rules.

Re: Is the salesman right in his info?????

Thank you so much for the info! I will check the manuals before I buy. Appreciate it!

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Re: Is the salesman right in his info?????

In addition to what my colleagues have offered, the manufacturer's website should have everything you need regarding clearance dimensions and such. I too believe that 3"-4" all the way around will be sufficient clearance for a countertop Micro.

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