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Sagging tongue and groove ceiling tiles

We have a sagging ceiling. The tongue and groove boards(tiles?) that are made of some kind of foam/cardboard are coming away from the ceiling and sagging terribly. We have braced it with some wood for now, but it will fall soon. The ceiling is vaulted and there is no attic above. We have tried to find joists, but the "Stud Finder" does not register. We have tried to screw nails and screws into it, but it does not attach and leaves a mark/hole in the fragile boards. (This is the kind of ceiling that looks like wood flooring, but white and not made of wood.) My husband is out of work, so there is no money to rip it down and replace. Also, the previous home-owner (who installed) did not leave any extra pieces. Any suggestions???

Re: Sagging tongue and groove ceiling tiles

I'm thinking those tiles are 12 x12 inches wood fiber tongue & groove..

Ideally they should either be attached to the ceiling with adheasive applied to the backs of each tile.

Or .......

there should be a series of strapping spaced at 12 inch centers on the existing ceiling which would be running perpendicular to the direction of the ceiling rafters .... the tiles attached to the strapping. along one side commonly with staples in the groove.

It's unknown as to how things were done for those tiles you currently have .... the fact they are sagging is clear that whatever method used is failing.

At this point it's going to be difficult to say what the best way to reattach them short of possibly trying to remove one of two tiles to see what's behind.

The problem may be they will fall like dominos which means you might end up taking them down before they fall down then put them back up properly.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Sagging tongue and groove ceiling tiles

The first thing to do is look at the installation instructions for the tile. It sounds like it is similar to the Armstrong plank ceiling. You can watch a video on installation at http://www.armstrong.com/resclgam/na/ceilings/en/us/woodhaven-installation-video.html
Or download a pdf version of the instillation instructions at http://www.armstrong.com/resclgam/na/ceilings/en/us/article18457.html If it was installed with metal clips you might be able to find the clips with a metal detector such as the Little Wizard metal detector you can pick up at most Wood working stores. If it was glued up you might be able to inject new glue through the planking tile with a syringe and do minimal damage.

Re: Sagging tongue and groove ceiling tiles

Thank you for your ideas. These are things we wondered if they'd work. You both confirmed our ideas. Thanks!
(And, yes, the planks are 4'x6". I should have put that in the first post....)
Thanks again,

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