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Sagging summer kitchen (pulling from house)

Hi all,
My first post here.
I have a situation with my 60 year old summer house which I could use some informed opinion-advice. I don't have a lot of experience in house construction or structural repairs, and am largely working alone on this house, as a post-retirement project.

The house is a solid wood-frame construction on concrete foundation and bedrock, dating from around 1950. There is a summer kitchen add-on probably dating from a few years later, that is attached to the side of the house. Over the years, the far side of the summer kitchen has settled and sagged into the ground, and has started pulling away from the house at the roof attachment to the side of the house. The floor inside obviously sags toward the far side. I don't know what kind of footings or sub-floor is under there, presently.

I would like to know if there is a way I can shore this up, relevel it, and re-attach to the house securely, or else would it be better to just tear the summer kitchen down and build a new addition. Not sure which would make the best use of time, effort and materials.

I don't live there full time so don't really need a summer kitchen, but it's nice to have it for a mudroom and storage, and to store tools and supplies to allow me to remodel the interior of the house.

For one thing, if I will keep the summer kitchen (and find a way to jack it up in the back, shore it up, and reattach to the house) I plan on dismantling the chimney on it now, and plugging the hole in the roof.

I attach several pictures showing the outside, inside, and attic portions of the summer kitchen. I look forward to your thoughts, suggestions, advice. Thank you!!:)

p.s. Oops! I am informed that I need to have 10 posts on here to be able to attach pictures or links. So I suppose you may have to wait a while until I can show you the pictures...:(

Re: Sagging summer kitchen (pulling from house)

Ok here are some pictures for you to look at.

One side of summer kitchen:

Other side of summer kitchen:

End side of summer kitchen (settling into ground):

Attic of summer kitchen, side of the house:

Attic of summer kitchen, side away from the house:

Inside ceiling of summer kitchen, showing gap with the house:

Re: Sagging summer kitchen (pulling from house)

Couple more picture for you:

Inside summer kitchen, house side:

Inside summer kitchen, side away from house, floor sagging:

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