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Sagging porch

Hi-enclosed porch is sagging-appears to be in the front-near sides of steps-many ideas from family-concrete blocks with jacks for support,4x4 pressure treated throughout underside of porch, concrete footers-etc., etc......how can I choose... why doesn't everyone have the same idea...I have no structural know how or skills...do not have a clue as to the best solution for this. We moved in 8 yrs. ago. Porch needed re-support back then. Has gotten worse over the years, but now it is pretty bad. thanks in advance...

Re: Sagging porch

Unfortunately it's impossible to tell over the internet what are the causes.... sight unseen.

Many things could be source of the issue and need to be determined before any proper solution can be recommended.

First thing to consider is there a proper base or foundation to support this structure for your region and soil conditions. If the foundation wasn't properly done then this structure was destined to to move .

There may also be an issue with water drainage that's undermining the foundation. Things like down spouts draining close by and should be extended past the structure or sloping the grade away.

Is there an issue with rotted wood structure that needs to be replaced?

Or a combination of all of the above.

While some of the suggestions you received like ..... concrete blocks with jacks .... have some merit .... but .... these may only be temporary if the conditions are incorrect and not properly addressed.

It's recommended to have someone properly evaluate the cause and suggest options as to remedy the problems.
Otherwise you may end up wasting time and money only to have a hodge podge of concrete blocks , jacks , posts and still have a sagging porch.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Sagging porch

Thanks for the speedy reply. I don't find much holding up the front of my porch except a small amt. of concrete on top of the dirt. There may be an old thick hunk of concrete at one front corner. The home's foundation ends where the enclosed porch begins. We will be replacing some rotted wood in the front, and bring in fill to elevate the ground under the porch as it seems to be lower than the surrounding front and sides of our yard, which does slope away from the house. I was informed our home/roof style did not call for gutters and most of my neighbors don't have them either. We live in central N.Y., not sure about the soil condition. Any help is much appreciated.

Re: Sagging porch

I agree with most of what canuk says---very hard to give specific advice on a fix.

That said, if you Google "sagging porch" you'll get nearly 8,000 hits on this topic---so you're not alone!

A major factor that makes a porch sag is that the original concrete or stone house foundation didn't originally include the porch, which was added on at a later date---often over backfilled soil that the bulldozer pushed back toward the front of the foundation---anytime you have 2 such structures supported by separate bases, they will move independently, especially during winter freeze- thaw cycles.

If the porch is large & you want to retain it as part of the house, it will require some kind of concrete footing or slab, preferably tied with steel rebar via drilled holes to the house foundation.

There's not that much weight involved relatively speaking with a wood porch so the eventual repair should work---foundation work can be expensive.

If you want to attempt a diy, get the proper permits & attend to the proper jacking & form placement.

Since the repair is at the front of the house, a concrete truck can usually back up right to the forms from the street & pour the ready mix right in---this is a real advantage & saves a lot of $$$ in these types of repair projects.

Re: Sagging porch

Thanks for the advice, everyone. Much appreciated.

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