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sagging floor in sunroom

We live in a home that just turned 100 yrs.old in Southeast Louisiana. It withstood Katrina but needs some help.

It is in very good condition with the exception of a sunporch that opens up onto the front porch and into the master bedroom. The floor unlevel and the windows are not square and the door to the porch is so unlevel it can not be opened. This is the only room in our house with this problem. At one time it was part of the front porch because the inside wall is covered with siding, and the door from the m. bedroom leading out to the sunroom is a match to the front door. It is so unlevel we don't use the room. I am concerned about the damage to the interior walls and cost of having the room raised. Any suggestions or advice?

Re: sagging floor in sunroom

to be honest, structure is more important than the aesthetics if there is a more serioius issue, you cant fix one without disturbing the other

the other option is to remove the door and reinstall it plumb and square

Re: sagging floor in sunroom

You have to first get to the root of the problem to see what the best course of action will be. What is the sunroom sitting on? Since it was a porch before it might be sitting on concrete footings that were dug below the frost line. Of course that is not necessarily the case as someone may have done it working and just put it up on blocks. If it wasn't done properly you may have some settling that has caused things to get all out of whack. Your other problem could be rotted framing members making things sag. Depending on what the problem is and the size of the room sometimes it might be easier to support the roof temporarily (if that is still in good shape) and restructure everything to make it right. Otherwise if things aren't to bad you might be able to jack up the structure and fix the underlying problems.


Re: sagging floor in sunroom

Thanks for the info. My husband says we do have part of the porch that is rotting and needs repair. He is thinking of jacking up the sagging parts. I was just afraid that it may break the windows. I am going to contact a shoring company and get some estimates and suggestions aswell. Thanks again.

Re: sagging floor in sunroom

Before you raise the level, just get the structure checked before making any changes as its an old construction.

Re: sagging floor in sunroom

In my opinion, you should take advise from a genuine contractor in this matter.

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