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Safely removing mold covered drywall

I'm helping out a friend with a fairly serious mold problem in her basement. The walls are showing pretty good signs of mold infestation about 3 feet up from the floor, with closets much higher. The water issue has already been solved,m but we're still looking at about an 800 sft basement with mold on most walls 3 feet up. The idea that i have is to remove the affected drywall about 4 ft up and hang new drywall in the affected areas. The problem is removal: I'm going to wear a respirator, tyvek suit and hand/eye protection and bag the stuff before I move it through the house. Ducts and furnace intakes will also be sealed. Is it safe for me to help her out or does she need to call in a mold abatement company? I'm getting a lot of conflicting information on the web.

Timothy Miller
Re: Safely removing mold covered drywall

Howdy that is a large issue. Make sure the respirator is fitted to stop mold spores. Seal off the dwelling access like basement doors with taped plastic and a air cleaner machine is real good idea too. If you do it be sure to bag the drywall as its removed before you move it out of the basement. The issues other then what your concerned with is you need to re mediate it once the drywall removed . One can use a weed sprayer with 1 cup bleach per gallon of water and spray the affected areas but do not get this mixture on any carpet of furniture. I would also apply a borate solution too. After the area once the bleach mixture has dried to arrest future issues.

What caused issue? broken pipes? There may be limited coverage under homeowners insurance. But if surface and or ground water then likely no insurance coverage for the remediation and drywall damages...

Re: Safely removing mold covered drywall

I would suggest to hire a professional mold removal company as mold is hazardous for health or else just be protected your self before entering into action. Make sure that basement of your friend's home is fully waterproofed as water leaking or wet basement is a favorable source for mold.

Re: Safely removing mold covered drywall

get plenty of contractor grade garbage bags, double bag everything and dispose of the tyvek suits as you tke them off. this is the practice of most environmental service companys. any time they stop for break they get a new suit on. definitely do the watered down javex rinse on the floor and in the wall cavitys

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