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Sacred Mound in My Yard

This may sound like a question for my local cemetery association rather than TOH, but here goes. In December of 2004, I lost my best friend of 14 years, Heidi (my Labrador Retriever). My yard contains more slate rock than soil, and is extremely difficult to dig, especially being partially frozen. It was pouring down rain when my champion of a brother managed to dig her a grave for me, shallow as it was (about two feet deep). (She was too large to keep in the deep freeze until Spring thaw.) The vet had placed her body in a thick plastic body bag for transporting her home in my car, and unfortunately, I did not remove her body from the bag when we buried her. I did, however, tear the bag open on top thinking it would help with the decomposition process. Well, there is still a pretty good sized mound where Heidi is buried. I have tried planting flowers in that area and I place my birdbath on top of the mound as a "marker" of sorts. Will this "grave" ever settle properly with that bag in there among all the slate rock? I don't want to grade the mound down and maybe find her bones. The only thing I can think of is to use one of those heavy concrete yard roller things to try to "push" it down, but the thought of doing that feels awful. Suggestions?

Re: Sacred Mound in My Yard

Sorry about the loss of your pet . Been there myself . Yes , in time the ground will settle , some . The process will be slowed by the bag I would think .

Re: Sacred Mound in My Yard

Sorry about the loss of your friend. We, too, have a cemetery on site that is home to a few past friends. I would have expected the mound to settle after 3-1/2 years.

Since it hasn't you could create a raised flower bed in the area to hide the mound and landscape the area. It sounds like your rocky soil isn't the best for plants, the raised bed would be preferred anyway. Because of our clay soil, all of our landscaping is raised beds bordered by rocks or brick.

Re: Sacred Mound in My Yard

Thanks for the suggestion on the raised flower bed--hadn't thought of that. Good idea!

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