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Rye grass nightmare

I have a large backyard with large patches of rye grass that is choking out my lawn. I have large areas of dirt where I have pulled the rye grass out and it has left sandy bare spots. I need to know if there is an inexpensive way to rid my lawn of this grass without distroying what little lawn I have left. Help!

Re: Rye grass nightmare

It's not an easy task, but you can seek help at your local garden supply. They will probably recommend to treat it chemically, using what works best in your area.

Re: Rye grass nightmare

Is it annual rye or perennial rye? If annual, just use a pre-emergent.

What is the other / desired grass species?

Re: Rye grass nightmare

Is your yard shaded?

What USDA hardiness zone are you located in? You can use one of the following resources to determine the zone if you don't already know it.



And as already asked, what is your desired grass?

Annual Rye grass is a cold weather winter blade grass that dies out in the early summer in most of the US. Perennial Rye grass is a clumping type grass that prefers shade.

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