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"Ryan Manufacturing Co." Stainless Countertop

I'm looking for any information on the subject named company that made countertops out of Ware, MA. I have a 1930's house, with an unknown dated kitchen update. Most likely early 1980's. While the countertop is not granite, its very unique(to me anyway). Its trimmed with stainless steel around its edges, with a formica type surface fitted flush to the stainless sink, creating an easy to clean surface that has yet to allow any water to get in between.

Affixed to the backsplash area just above the sink is an aluminum tag "designed and manufactured by Ryan Manufacturing Co. Ware, MA"

Has anyone heard of these countertops? Do they still make them?
I really like how the look has stood up to changing styles. It's very clean and 'modern' even though its 20+ years old.


Re: "Ryan Manufacturing Co." Stainless Countertop

My parents had a top just like that in their kitchen. I would have to date it to the 50's It was a bright yellow kitchen, and a bright red countertop with metal edging. There wasn't a backsplash, the walls in the kitchen are so out of square it would be difficult to fit one. (100 year old house)

I think they still do make a metal edging or t-moulding to use on these tops, but it can be expensive. As for your company, you can do a quick search on them to see if they are still around, maybe under a different name if they were bought out?

Good luck

Re: "Ryan Manufacturing Co." Stainless Countertop

what you are refering to is a stainless steel laminate made and installed as any other laminate. yes they do still make them. I made one up for a customer just a few months back. go to most any cabinet shop and they should be able to line you up.

Re: "Ryan Manufacturing Co." Stainless Countertop

I am looking for a counter-top manufacturer in the Newark, NJ/NYC area who is able to make the Ryan style counter with a large stainless steel work area and the intregal sink with drain board.

I am familiar with the company as I used to work for David and William Hecht, the owners of Ryan Manufacturing in Norwich, CT.
I am familar with the materials and construction process of the Ryan Counter.

Regarding if they are still in business, I would suggest contacting David Hecht Custom Kitchens in Waterford CT (used to be in Norwich CT). They were manufacturing the Ryan countetop up until at least 2000 if not still.

It is a very unique and usually well-constructed counter-top. It was made by laminating 1" fiberboard cores between two sheets of 1/4 luan plywood. The top would be laminated with plastic laminate and the bottom painted with waterproof paint. The front edge used to be the previously mentioned Steel edge but was long ago replaced with a laminate or wood edge, several designs and styles available. The counter was very strong and light-weight. The backsplash was attached to the wall edge of the counter--not the top--to provide a more rigidity to the counter top and was built up with several layers of 1/4 playwood that would be peeled back and removed so the backsplash could be scribed tight to the walls (thus fixing the wavy wall problem and out of line walls).

The most common options were the installation of a stainless-steel sink (a specially pressed Elkay usually though any stainless steel sink could be used), with or with out drainboards flush-mounted to the countertop to provide a continuous surface. When the company was in Ware, MA and in the early days of being in Norwich CT, it was possible to have a stovetop flush-mounted as well with custom configuration and any number of burners.

This counter was used extensively by David Hecht Kitchens in Norwich, CT and can be found in many homes in Eastern Connecticut. It is a very clean counter, an excellant predacessor to the current granite, Corian, and other counter materials that use integral or undermount sinks, and sort of Art-Deco or Moderne in appearance.


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