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Rust Stains On White Shower Surrounds

I may decide to put this type of molded shower surround in my bathroom. Where I live we have a lot of iron in our water. It will be white and I am concerned that over time it will show a rusty cast on the surround wall. Has anyone had this problem? We also have hard water, though we have a softner. Thanks!

A. Spruce
Re: Rust Stains On White Shower Surrounds

You may want to look into a filtration system to go along with the water softener, to help pull out some of that iron. In lieu of that, as long as you keep the surface in good condition and you don't allow the water to dry in place, you shouldn't have any staining issues. What this means is to regularly clean the surface to remove deposits that cause the staining, and regularly apply a protectant to the surface to help repel adhesion of the minerals that are staining.

For fiberglass and acrylic surfaces, Gel Gloss is a good choice for cleaning, polishing, and protecting the surface. For glass and trim, Rain-X.

Re: Rust Stains On White Shower Surrounds

In all seriousness, if the rust is that much of a concern, a rust colored shower - rust colored grout - may be the other choice.

Re: Rust Stains On White Shower Surrounds

As far as the filtration system, my husband feels it is too much expense for us. But if he had to fight with getting the rust stains off of the walls I think he would do it. I have thought about a tile that has a rusty color to it, I didn't know there is a rusty colored grout. Thanks all for your help folks ! :)

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