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Rust from salvaged nickel faucet

We have pieced together a very cool faucet (nickel) from antique salvaged parts for our bathroom sink. It is a wall mount sink that was placed onto existing plumbing so we feel the rust has to be coming from the faucet itself. Initially, the water is clear for the first second or 2, then is rusty for about 2 more seconds, then the water runs clear. It happens equally whether the hot or cold faucet is on. The rust is very evident and even leaves a stain in the porcelain sink. My question is how do we stop the rust and prevent it from happening again? Should we soak it in some solution?
Any ideas for a solution to this problem will be appreciated!

Re: Rust from salvaged nickel faucet

Hello, Tough call here. Try taking the faucet completely apart. ALL parts internally. The valve stems, screws holding washers can be rusted and will continue to "bleed" rust. Try to take it all apart, clean and remove any signs of rusted parts then try to replace with new. What sometimes happens is the rust is coming from the screws that hold the washers on inside. Just a thought, try and see. Cleaning and soaking in vinegar is an awesome solution to hard minerals. Hope this helps. ;)GregC

Re: Rust from salvaged nickel faucet

The early faucets were made of cast iron and triple plated. Little attention was paid to the interior of the units so the plating that was there wears away. I don't believe there is much that can be done other than re-plating.

Re: Rust from salvaged nickel faucet

Thanks for the ideas - think we will be optimistic and try to take it apart and clean it. May have to resort to a new faucet. Sigh.:(

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