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rust preventative for table saw

I have to store my table saw in the carport under tarps. I just uncovered it and found fine rust on some areas. They aren't areas that contact wood but still...
All the traditional rust-preventing things I know of are like oil; don't want them contacting the wood I'm working on.
I'm in western NC so the humidity is usually high. I suppose the saw might be better off without the tarps from the perspective of air flow but rain and snow would be even worse.
Any suggestions for things I can put on the saw to prevent future rust?

A. Spruce
Re: rust preventative for table saw

Car wax. Polish your surfaces to remove rust, dirt, and dust, then apply several coats of wax. The wax should be enough to prevent minor moisture rust and not transfer to the wood you're cutting, though even if it does, one usually sands wood prior to applying finishes, so the minute amount of wax would be removed. Just remember to regularly recoat the saw as it is used.

Re: rust preventative for table saw

I use old=school paste furniture wax. No silicone to mess up wood finishing.

Re: rust preventative for table saw

Okay, thanks guys.

Re: rust preventative for table saw

Or carnauba wax.

Re: rust preventative for table saw

How about perking up the economy by buying a new saw once you discover some rust on the old one?:cool:

Re: rust preventative for table saw

Moving to Arizona will also help.

When the water in my wet saw kept freezing, I thawed it out by moving the saw 1700 miles south. It hasn't frozen since.

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