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rust-color stain in toilet

I have 5 toilets in my house and only one toilet has a rust-colored stain in the bottom of it that I can't remove without removing all of the water, letting the stain dry and chipping it out. I can't understand what causes this, why it's only a problem in one toilet, and would love some advice on what is causing this stain and how to remove it more easily.

Re: rust-color stain in toilet

Possibly a length of galvanized or iron pipe in your cold water system near the toilet.

By chip out, do you mean with a chisel? If so you are severely reducing the life expectancy of your toilet. Try a pumice stone on a stick instead, can be found at some grocery most home improvement stores.

Re: rust-color stain in toilet

Start by checking the water supply nipple (coming out the wall on the left side of the toilet above the baseboard).
Is it a galvanized nipple?

Re: rust-color stain in toilet

Great post!
Thanks for sharing.


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