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Re: Running Feeds into Main Service Panel
Lloyd wrote:

The best answer is sometimes. I have seen inspectors say you cant , you shouldn't, its fine etc etc. In my opinion using 12 wire you can have 5 current carrying #12 conductors through one 3/8" steel nm connector but only 3 or 4 with 14. and yes a nuetral is a "current carrying conductor" You would probably be ok with a 12/3 and 12/2 in the same connector. I have certainly seen much much worse. Probably even ok with a 14/2 and a 14/3 under the same one, 2 12/3 or 14/3 would be excessive. You could get the fill specs from the manufacturer, but its really not that big of an issue. The fact that your using a steel or cast connector over plastic is IMO a sign that your trying to use the best method. I really think you will be fine but if want some reasurance post the number and size of all the wires going in and the number and size of knock outs and we can get more specific.

I would agree with that, Lloyd. As usual the final say is with the inspector.
Chris, have you though about stacking 2 12/2 cables per 3/8" Romex clamp and running the 12/3s in a Romex clamp by itself?


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