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Running Electric to the Garage

I need to run electric from the a hole I plan to drill through the basement (cinder block)to the garage that about 25 ft from the house. I live in Long Island, NY and was told that I need to dig a trench 3ft below the surface in order to stay under the frost line. The electric will be for running basic tools and a light for the outside of the garage (maybe some lighting inside as well). I'm thinking of running 3 wire BX.

Is using 3/4 inch gray pvc the right thing to run under ground? If so do I run this pipe through the Cinder block or connect it once it's on the outside?


Re: Running Electric to the Garage

To start with, if you are running BX you'll never get it through 3/4" conduit.

I believe the code requirement is only 18" deep but you should check with your local building dept. Mine required 36" deep. If you use direct bury cable you should only need conduit from the bottom of the trench, above ground, and through wall. At least that is all that I had to do here. I would suggest you run a 50 amp 220 service to a sub-panel in the garage, that should handle about anything you'll need for a home work shop.

Re: Running Electric to the Garage

I agree with the suggestion to install a 50 amp, 220 volt service to a sub panel in the garage. This will give you the option of installing even more stuff, like that 3HP 12" cabinet saw you've been drooling over.

While you're at it, rig up some 3-way switches, one in the house and one in the garage, for the outside light. That way when you come home late at night you don't have to stumble through the dark to the back door -- after you turned off the light.

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