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Rubberized deck membrane

I own a 1938 fixer it has a carport with a deck on top, the deck has what appears to be a rubberized membrane on it. I can't tell if it is one piece or a rolled product, I can see seams but the are where the plywood joints are. The membrane has failed at the end of the deck causing water to get underneath and rot one of the 2x12 joists. I what to repair the deck and replace the membrane with the same. I have peeled some up and it is smooth on the wood side but stuck on really good, not sure how, have you ever heard of or seen this product and do they still make it?

Ron remodeler
Re: Rubberized deck membrane

There are a number of rubber roofing products out there, but your image doesn't reveal much about what you have.

Remember if it is rubber to use rubber to rubber type adhesives and stay away from asphalt products for patching as they are incompatible to each other.

I have seen rubber membrane glued directly to a wood deck without using the fiber backer board fail prematurely, though I can't tell from your image if that is your problem. :confused:

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