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Rubber roof and sliding ice/snow

The roof over my addition is slightly pitched and used to be rolled asphalt. We recently re-roofed with rubber.

There is a turret structure that abuts the rubber roof and it remains asphalt shingles.

Heavy snow that goes through a melt cycle will create huge floating icebergs on the roof. But the difference in temperatures on different areas of the roof will allow one side of the roof to slide while the other simply pivots and buckles the shingles on the abutting turret shingles. I am usually careful to keep this area free from snow, but this new issue means I have to watch it like a hawk and/or completely clear the roof of snow.

It's not a particularly big roof, so going back to rolled asphalt would NOT be out the question. I think this is really the right solution.

Short of going back to rolled asphalt, what can be done to prevent the issue? Could we maybe stud areas of the rubber with pieces of asphalt shingles to prevent sliding?


Re: Rubber roof and sliding ice/snow

Would like to see a picture. Usually snow jacks are installed on roofs to keep snow in place, but your problem seems a bit out of the ordinary.

Re: Rubber roof and sliding ice/snow

Yes, definitely out of the ordinary - as I am just now discovering.

I'll take one as soon as it stops snowing.

Not sure that jacks are needed as the pitch is so shallow. But I definitely question the material choice now.

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