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I just watched the episode about routers. Kevin was talking to Roger, who was setting up a computer router for Tommy, and Kevin mentioned that WEP was more secure than WPA for him. I don't see how this is possible, someone can break into a WEP protected network in 5 minutes or less. Someone can also break into a WPA protected network but it takes longer. WPA2 may not be perfect but it seems to be the way to go right now.

MLB Construction
Re: Routers

i use a Porter Cable router and it's never been broken into.

A. Spruce
Re: Routers
MLB Construction wrote:

i use a Porter Cable router and it's never been broken into.

Ditto. :cool:

Re: Routers

As a tech guy I was pretty pissed that he said WEP was better than WPA although I know he was just chit chatting for the segment. This can greatly misinform the audience who I would guess are primarily DIYers and wouldnt know any better when they setup a home router.

For the record, WEP should NEVER be used. If your wireless router only supports WEP, buy a new one! WPA is the next secure method of securing your wireless internet connection and even more secure is WPA2.

Re: Routers

You should also change the SSID name from the default router name to something like Private, or FBI Surveillence Van... :P

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