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Rotting Window Sills

Some of my window sills are rotting. The rest of the window frame is fine. A contractor suggested covering the window frames with alluminum. Is this a good way to fix the probelm? If not, what is the best way to repair them?

Re: Rotting Window Sills

cladding the sil with aluminum wont fix the problem it will delay the rotting. its simply a bandaid.. if you want hte sil "fixed" it will have to be replaced with fresh wood or the bad sections cut out and filled with new wood .

Re: Rotting Window Sills

That's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure before committing the time and money.

Re: Rotting Window Sills

It's worth also trying to figure out why they are rotting. Did they just need to be painted and bare wood exposed to water? IS there a problem with the gutters, or eaves leaking? Is the siding flashed incorrectly. Are there storm windows that have plugged up weep holes or have caulk at the bottom?

Re: Rotting Window Sills

Cladding it with aluminum will actually speed up the rotting process as the wood can never dry out and the aluminum will not be leak free. If the wood is just rotted in small areas you can dig out the rotted wood to good wood and then use Bondo to fill the bad spots. I've gone through about 5 cans of Bondo repairing many of my 420 sashes in my 99 year old five story apartment building and years later all of the Bondo is still in place. I used to buy the specialty stuff from old house catalogs but found that the Bondo at the auto parts store is the same stuff and a lot cheaper. Beware when working with it that once its mixed you have five minutes to work with it - no more - so mix only what you can use in five minutes.

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